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Utrecht| Amsterdam, 2016 - ongoing


Following up on my Zen Garden actions, I continued my research, leading to the work Momentary Mandates, where I modified windows in various buildings across town. The idea behind this action comes from the Zen tradition where round windows symbolize a universal view on the world, where nothing stands by itself, everything is connected and all actions and interventions have continuous consequences. This can be seen in the symbol of the circle. We live in a society that aims for endless linear economic growth. Collective benefits are more profitable in the long run but this requires us to think deeply about actions and consequences.

Experiencing a different perspective by looking through a round window can be a way to slow down and make well-considered ethical decisions that benefit everyone. These symbolic and spacial interventions provide an alternative view on the world by using minimal usage of materials. The circles that I placed within square windows to transform them into round ones where cut from paper or thin plastic foil.

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